Wrought Iron Fencing by Capitol Fence

For many years wrought iron fences were thought to be only for large, stately homes. This exquisite fence was known as “ornamental iron”.
Today, wrought iron and ornamental iron are used as interchangeable terms.  This iron is stunning and may be built to custom specifications.
For most people however, it’s often more economical to dress up your fence. 
This can be done with stock panels and decorative accessories.  The accessories for wrought iron fence include scrolls, casting, circles, pickets, arched tops and more.
The rails and posts will vary depending on the height of your fence as well as your landscaping.
For years, those who had had hilly terrain were required to have their wrought iron fence custom built.

Commercial & Residential


There are hundreds of variations available

This helps for your wrought iron fence to be customized to almost any terrain.  Not only does this allow you the beauty of wrought iron fences but it also helps keep the cost of installation down.


Wrought iron fence can be electrostatic primed and painted.

We can help you design a customized wrought iron fence that is specially designed to enhance the beauty of your property. Utilizing vinyl or aluminum to enhance the beauty and durability of your wrought iron fence will help you create a maintenance free ornamental fence.


Panels are available with pickets 4 ½ or 6” on center.

Today, you can have rack able panels that are pinched on the top and bottom.

Whether your wrought iron fencing is enclosing your yard or all of your property, Capitol fence Builders is the one place to go for your wrought iron fencing in Arizona.

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